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60-Day Moratorium for Policy Cancellation / Nonrenewal

In response to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation, Woodville Mutual is implementing a 60-day moratorium for the cancellation or nonrenewal of insurance policies that are due to the failure to pay premiums. In addition, all fees associated with late or non-payment will be waived. This moratorium will retroactively run from March 19, 2020 – May 18, 2020. We will comply with all state-specific requirements related to the COVID-19 pandemic as they evolve.


Update: Office Hours

Woodville Mutual offices are accessible to customers with the following limits.

Walk-in hours are from 10am - 2pm and dedicated times for “high risk” individuals are from 10am -11am.

Customers will be contained to the vestibule area which is sanitized hourly.

You may still contact Woodville Mutual during normal business hours via telephone, email or fax.


Support for policyholders affected by COVID-19

As the situation regarding COVID-19 continues to evolve, we recognize that our policyholders will be impacted and that some will face financial hardship.

If you are a policyholder whose employment and income have been directly affected by this situation, please contact your agent. We are ready to help with billing and payment issues, including the possible postponement of billing due dates and policy cancellations due to nonpayment of premium. We would also waive any associated service fees or reinstatement fees.

Please note that this postponement does not waive payments due during the postponement period, but offers additional time for those directly impacted to pay their premiums.

Also, please keep in mind that policyholders can make payments and submit claims by visiting our website.

We are ready to assist you and our policyholders during this difficult time. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you might have.

Rated A Exceptional by Demotech, Inc
Call For Assistance: 800.342.2521 | 419.849.2521
Hours Monday–Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm EST

Financial Stability Rating®

Woodville Mutual carries a Financial Stability Rating® of 'A EXCEPTIONAL'

Woodville Mutual Rated 'A Exceptional'

Woodville Mutual carries a Financial Stability Rating® of 'A EXCEPTIONAL' which means regardless of the severity of a general economic downturn or deterioration in the insurance cycle, insurers earning a Financial Stability Rating® of A possess exceptional financial stability related to maintaining surplus as regards policyholders at an acceptable level.

Demotech is a financial analysis firm located serving the insurance industry by providing accurate and proven Financial Stability Ratings® (FSRs). FSRs are a leading indicator of the financial stability of Property & Casualty insurers and Title underwriters.

Demotech provides an equitable option to obtain a third-party rating for P&C insurance industry. One, many mortgagees require that the insurance placed on the collateral of the mortgage be obtained from a rated, and financial stable company. This helps the mortgagee (i.e. bank) ensure that they will not suffer from toxic assets in the event of an unforeseen loss to it collateral by having an outside opinion of the company’s ability to pay claims at the time of loss.

Demotech embraces the core values and model of Woodville Mutual and accompanies and nurtures the growth of our company, recognizing the value of niches that we may have identified and further empowering us in the space in which we choose to do business.

Woodville Mutual utilizes Demotech for every service they offer to the P&C market. Woodville Mutual has had Demotech leaders, or confidants teach a variety of levels of education to its board including corporate governance and Key Performance Indicators. Demotech is also lending a helping hand to trade organizations that support the Insurance industry, and even running the organizations in some states.

Advocacy within the industry is a service that Demotech provides. They play a very large part with the National Coalition of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) in helping guide upcoming regulation to provide for the welfare of the industry in both the short and long term. They also stay abreast of the issues that are being taken up at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). With rating issued for companies that operate across the nation, Demotech is in good standing with the NAIC and has become a respected voice at the table. ■

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions.

We're always here to help. 419.849.2521 | 800.342.2521