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Farmowners Insurance

Farms are the foundation of Ohio.

Farmowners Insurance

Farmowners insurance

Woodville Mutual has been insuring farm interests in Ohio since 1859. Whether you farm for a living, rent out your farm, rent a farm, or live on a hobby farm (country estate), Woodville Mutual has an insurance product to suit your needs.

Woodville Mutual is one of the longest standing farm writers in the state of Ohio. Our Farmowners insurance Policy is geared to the owner-occupied farm. Coverages are expansive and complex, designed for your needs.

Farmowners Insurance Program Coverage

This Program includes coverage for Principal Farm Residences, Owner-Occupied Mobile Homes, Personal Property, Farm Structures and Buildings, Farm Personal Property, and Personal or Commercial Farm Liability. Open Peril Coverage Forms, a selection of Deductibles, and many available coverage broadening endorsements add to the customization of this program to today's agricultural risks. This Program can be used for Traditional Farms, Tenant Farmers, Hobby Farms, Corporate Farms and any combinations there of. All Coverages are underwritten by Woodville Mutual, additional Coverages are provided through select mutual partners. This Program is based on standardized forms provided by AAIS.

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