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About Us

Woodville Mutual, serving with distinction since 1859.

Who We Are — Woodville Mutual

Woodville Mutual provides combination Farmowners and Homeowners insurance policies with select Mutual Partners providing some coverages. This insurance contract separates the property and liability sections of the combination policy between Woodville and its Mutual Partners respectfully. Woodville Mutual has grown to a property insurance company with over $1,000,000,000 at risk.

Woodville Mutual utilizes independent insurance agents to market its products. Today, Woodville is represented by over 20 independent agencies in Ohio, with a growing agency force.

Celebrating 160 Years

Our Mission

We lead a growing agency force committed to partnering with individuals and families seeking to protect their homes, their properties, and their futures. We provide quality insurance protection that puts policyholders first, through uniquely personal service, strong partnerships and an unparalleled history of financial stability.

For 160 years Woodville Mutual has been fulfilling the promise to its policyholders.

Our History

Woodville Mutual believes the past and future are not mutually exclusive; for we are convinced that without the combined values of our founders and strength of our heritage, we would know no secure future.

The German Farmers Mutual Protective Association

Woodville Mutual originated as the German Farmers Mutual Protective Association in 1859.

The German Farmers Mutual Protective Cyclone Association

The German Farmers Mutual Protective Cyclone Association was incorporated in Woodville in 1909.

The Emergence of Woodville Mutual

The German Farmers Mutual Protective Association and The German Farmers Mutual Protective Cyclone Association were consolidated as Woodville Mutual in 1960.

Serving Policyholders throughout Ohio

Today, Woodville Mutual continues its time-honored commitment to foster progress through fidelity to the basic values of its founders, driven by a dedicated agent force serving throughout Ohio.

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